Updated 30 April, 2020
Access to Library
Access to Materials
Access to Facilities

Access to NIE Library for Users With Disabilities


Entering the Library

  • Location: Levels 2 to 4, Block 4
  • You can take a lift from Level 1 to Level 2 of the library block.
  • The entrance is to your left when you exit from the lift.


Physical Access Within the Library

  • All three levels of the library are accessible by lift. Lifts have braille-labelled buttons and an automatic voice announcer.
  • Almost all areas of the library are accessible by wheelchair including the LearningHub Lounge and Café at Level 3.
  • The Gallery at Level 3 can be entered by ramp at the entrance nearer the lift.
  • Toilets with wheelchair access are available at the extreme ends of each floor.
  • Library staff are available to assist users to retrieve materials. Please contact us for assistance through email.


Arrangement for Special Assistance

  • Before visiting the library, you may make arrangements with library staff through email for staff to be on hand to assist you.
  • Please provide us with the following details:


  1. Full name
  2. Matriculation Card / Staff Card Number
  3. Date of your visit
  4. Time of your visit
  5. Services or facilities or research assistance required


Evacuation During an Emergency

  • As a safety precaution in case of an emergency, please register at the Service Point at Level 2 when you first enter the library.
  • Library staff will guide and direct you to the Assembly Area at Carpark 4.

The NIE Library provides support in accessing library materials to users with disabilities.


Searching for Library Materials

  • A wheelchair-accessible Library catalogue terminal is available at Level 3, Right Wing.
  • Library staff are available to assist users to search for materials. Please contact us for assistance through email.


Extended Loan Period

  • Loan periods may be adjusted upon request on a case-by-case basis.


Return of Materials

  • You may return your materials using the book delivery service.
  • Alternatively, you can request us to pick up your library materials for return from anywhere within the NIE campus through email. Do indicate the location and time that you would like us to meet you.


Book Delivery Service       On-campus Pickup



Authorisation for Others to Collect Items and Access Personal Information on Your Behalf

  • Written authorisation is required.
  • To authorise others to collect loan items on your behalf, to renew loans or to pay fines, please email your request to us.


Request Authorisation



Book Delivery Service

  • You may request for library materials that are available or on hold for you to be delivered to your home in Singapore by courier service.
  • The current minimum charge for courier delivery is $9.00.
  • Rates are subject to change by the courier service provider.


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Library Materials for Print-disabled Students

  • We can work with your lecturers to provide access to electronic copies of reading list materials such as electronic books, chapters and journal articles wherever possible.
  • Please email us with your enquiries.


  • 16 laptops for accessing online resources in the Research Commons on Level 2.
  • Wifi for laptops and mobile devices.
  • Power points available in the vicinity of every table.  



Assistive Technologies

  • Dedicated Pod (Learning Pod 1) on Level 3 contains assistive software and hardware for up to two users.


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Photocopying & Printing Assistance

  • Integrated photocopying and printing services are available on Levels 2 and 4 (end of Right Wing).
  • We can assist individuals with photocopying in accordance with the Singapore Copyright Act.



Training Sessions and Individual Support

  • For searching and locating of library resources, and use of technology hardware and software available in the dedicated Pod (Learning Pod 1).


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