Book Delivery Service
Updated 23 October, 2019
Book Delivery Service

Book delivery service to addresses on mainland Singapore is available to members via courier service. Items not offered for delivery are the reserve (red-spot) books, AV materials, current periodicals, closed stacks materials, NIE project reports and theses. The library reserves the right to refuse the delivery of any item from its collection.


Please fill in the request form. Do include your library membership details, bibliographic details of the book you are requesting as well as the delivery address. You will need to indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions of the service before submitting your request.

Delivery Time

Books will be delivered Mondays to Fridays. The service will not be available on Saturdays, Sundays, New Year’s eve, the eves of Christmas and Lunar New Year, and public holidays. Requests received before 10a.m. can be delivered on the same working day. Requests received after 10a.m. and on days when the service is not available will be delivered on the next working day.


You will receive a follow-up telephone call/email from the Library to inform you of the status of your request and to find out whether we should proceed with delivery arrangements. You will also be given the tracking number of your parcel.

Delivery Charges

You only need to pay the prevailing courier charges set by the courier service provider. The Library will not be charging any processing fees.


Delivery charges range between $7( ≤1kg) to $28( ≤ 4kg) depending on parcel weight, type of service (same day delivery or next day delivery) and delivery distance.


The weight of the package includes both the books and the packing materials. As a general rule, 3 to 4 hardcover books or 4 to 5 soft cover books of average size and thickness would make up a package weighing around 3kg.


Please ensure that someone will be at the address to receive the delivery of your parcel. The courier may impose a surcharge etc according to their Terms and Conditions. You might also be billed for unsuccessful deliveries.


In case of unsuccessful delivery, you are advised to contact the courier to make arrangements for a second delivery. Please note that the book(s) will be checked out to your account once the courier picks up the item(s) from the Library and will remain checked out to your account regardless of whether you have received delivery of them.

Loan Privileges

You can request for a book delivery service for any number of books up to your available loan limit. You can also borrow the material(s) that accompany a book, but they will count towards your loan limit. You can also use this service to deliver items that are on hold for you. The usual borrowing privileges will apply.

Fines & Liabilities



Users of the book delivery service are bound by the library rules and conditions as stated in the section ‘Fines and Fees’ and fines will be imposed on overdue loans.



Users of the book delivery service may also need to bear the costs incurred for the following:

  • User cancels book delivery service request after confirmation.
  • Unsuccessful delivery as user was not at address stated in the request.
  • User lost the book(s) after a successful delivery.

You are responsible for checking that the book(s) you receive is in good condition and for informing the courier of any damage at the time of delivery. You may reject the parcel only on the grounds of poor physical condition or damage, otherwise, you will still need to accept the book(s) and pay for delivery.

Returning of Borrowed Items

You may return the borrowed book(s) at the 24-hour Auto Bookdrop or Service Point. Alternatively, you may make your own arrangements with a courier service at your own cost for the safe return of the book(s) to the Library.


For clarification, please send your questions to or call 6790-3627.


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