Updated 24 April, 2020
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Updated 24 April, 2020

ACS E-books Education Collection

A curated collection of 101 titles to help science educators plan their curriculum, setup experiments, construct engaging demonstrations, evaluate performance, and ensure their efforts serve diverse genders, abilities/disabilities, and cultures.


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Bloomsbury E-books

Bloomsbury e-books deliver online access to scholarly books, which comprise titles across the humanities and social sciences.


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Cambridge University Press E-books

Cambridge University Press e-books consist of titles from various disciplines including language and linguistics.


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Cambridge University Press Textbooks

The textbook collection consists of over 700 titles covering subject areas such as:


Textbook titles are in HTML, and they are designed to be read-only and not downloaded.

The access will be available until 31 May 2020.


Access Cambridge University Press textbooks

Dawsonera E-books

The Dawsonera e-book collection covers a wide range of academic and general subject areas including Teacher Education and Teaching Methods, Psychology, History, Leadership, Language and Linguistics, and Sports.


View Dawsonera's title list and search guide.


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EBSCOhost E-books

EBSCOhost's eBooks cover a wide range of academic and general subject areas including Education, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Economics, Computers & Engineering. 


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Emerald Social Sciences E-book Series

Emerald Social Sciences is a collection of selected book series titles. Subjects covered include Education, Sociology, Public Policy, Environmental and Healthcare Management, Language and Linguistics, Library and Information Studies, and Organization Studies. Book chapters are available for viewing or downloading in HTML, PDF or EPUB formats. Sign up for a personalised Emerald profile to create your alerts and review saved searches & marked lists. 


View Emerald's title list and search guide.


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Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) E-book Collection

GVRL e-books Collection covers subject areas such as Education, Environment, General Reference, History, Library Science, Literature, Science, Social Science and Technology.


View the collection's title list.


Access GVRL e-books

Harvard Business Review (HBR) Press E-book Collection via EBSCOhost

The Harvard Business Review Press eBook Collection contains over 600 Harvard Business Review titles on the topics of leadership, innovation, management and skill development.


This Collection will be available until 31 May 2020.


Access HBR Press e-books

IET E-books (NTU Subscription)

IET e-Books contains over 450 titles covering subject areas such as power, renewable energy, control, telecommunications, circuits and electromagnetic waves published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).


Access IET e-books

IGI E-books

IGI Global contains e-books from various disciplines including educational technology and learning sciences.


Access IGI e-books

Oxford Reference

Oxford Reference contains over 200 quick reference titles on a large variety of subject areas ranging from the humanities and social sciences to science and medicine, and from business and professional to language and general reference.


View the title list and user guide.


Access Oxford Reference e-books

Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) E-books

Oxford Scholarship Online offers academic works from the scholarly list of Oxford University Press (OUP), which covers subjects ranging from the humanities and social sciences to science, medicine and law.


Access Oxford Scholarship Online e-books

ProQuest E-book Central (previously known as eBrary)

The ProQuest e-book Central collection covers a wide range of academic and general subject areas including Education, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Economics, Computers & Engineering.


View the search guide.


Access ProQuest e-books

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) E-book Collection

The RSC eBook Collection is a definitive point of reference for anyone working in the chemical sciences. The e-book Collection consists of a wide range of books published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) since 1968. The library's current subscription covers the entire RSC eBook Collection of 1,095 titles for the period from 1968.


View the collection's title list.


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Springer E-book Collection

Springer’s e-book Collection consists of the Education Collection, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law Collection and Palgrave Education Collection.


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Taylor and Francis E-books

The Taylor & Francis eBook platform features e-books from a wide range of topics such as education, psychology, early childhood and English language and literature. 


Access Taylor and Francis e-books

Wiley E-books

The Wiley Online Library features e-books from a multidisciplinary collection including education, psychology, geography, and English language and literature. 


Access Wiley e-books

World Scientific E-books

World Scientific eBooks are electronic versions of World Scientific print titles. They are available as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The library's current subscription covers selected titles in the subject areas of Asian Studies and Social Sciences.


View World Scientific's title list.


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