Issue No. 20 March 2017
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Tag: information technology

  • 21 Mar 2017

    Mrs Wan-Yeoh Seok Kwan and Mr Jacky Wong were invited to give a presentation on “Library Analytics: The NIE Library Experience” at the Customers of SirsiDynix Australasia (COSA) conference in Melbourne, Australia from 10 – 13 Oct 2016.

  • 02 Oct 2015

    The popular conception of libraries as book-lined tombs with dusty shelves is thankfully changing.  Most libraries today are bright airy technology-connected spaces...

  • 02 Oct 2015

    It was an exhilarating moment when I found out that I would be attending the 4th International Conference of Asian Libraries (ICoASL 2015) to present a paper titled “Features Enhancements and Text Analytics on Institutional Repositories”.

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