Updated 17 March, 2021
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Updated 17 March, 2021

NIE Art Archive is a collection of creative works by NIE students. Currently the inaugural showcase is from BA Art Exhibition 2020.


BA Art Exhibition 2020 - 19OVERNINETEEN


19/19 (pronounced 19 over 19) describes 19 unique individuals coming together in the celebration of differences.


In this showcase of unique talent and passion, individuality runs fervent. Every piece speaks for its artist, albeit as a culmination of shared views of and for one another’s creative choices and journeys over the course of nine grueling yet rewarding months.


The term 19 over 19 has been deliberately used to emphasize relevance –the first-mentioned figure directly represents the 19 participating artists, the second mention following the preposition refers to the year in which the COVID pandemic began. Whilst COVID has undoubtedly shaped the circumstances with which the works of art in this showcase have been conceived and eventually exhibited. It is in the persistence of the exhibition that suggests that these 19 artists have indeed over-come the crisis of the ’19.


19/19 was exhibited as a limited access exhibition at the NIE Art Gallery, 13-16 Nov 2020.


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