Updated 7 April, 2021
Dr.Muhammad Ariff Ahmad Research & Resource Hub
Updated 7 April, 2021

Dr. Muhammad Ariff Ahmad Research and Resource Hub (MAS RRH@LIBRIS) showcases artefacts, manuscripts and publications by/about Dr. Muhammad Ariff Ahmad (MAS).



The aims of MAS RRH@LIBRIS are to provide resources by/about MAS, and motivate the younger generation, in particular the students, academics, researchers, Malay language teachers and literary enthusiasts, to read and carry out research in Malay language, literature and culture.


About Dr. Muhammad Ariff Ahmad (MAS)

Dr. Muhammad Ariff Ahmad, also known as MAS, was an award-winning writer, a community leader and a lecturer of the Institute of Education, Singapore. He has left significant impact on many Malay language teachers and the Malay community at large, locally and regionally, with his wisdom, dedication in teaching and vast knowledge of Malay language, literature and culture.