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Video Recording Facilities

There are 3 video recording facilities available in the library. Users can record all images and sound from the computer screen such as presentation slides and videos, plus a small thumbnail of the presenter including their voice and gestures. The videos can be saved in a portable HDD or NTFS thumb drive. A manual is placed in each of the three rooms where the VRS is installed.

Video Screen Capture from the SMART Room with Close-Up Shot on Presenter

Users may approach the Service Point (Level 2) for assistance or if they wish to borrow a NTFS thumbdrive. User support is only available Monday-Friday from 8.30am-4.30pm.

Video Recording Facilities:

Room Location How to Book Availability
SMART Room Level 3, Left Wing Log into the Facilities Booking System in the Staff Portal NIE Staff only 
Pod 2 Level 3, Right Wing Use the OPAC terminals on Level 2 or call the hotline at 6790-3626 NIE Staff and Students 

Research Commons

Level 2, Right Wing Approach the Service Point at Level 2 or call the hotline at 6790-3626 NIE Staff only


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Tel: (65) 6790-3626
Last updated: February 23, 2018  

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