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Temporary Reader's Permit

Who may apply?

Staff/tertiary students of government institutions, researchers or professionals who are engaged in personal research in the field of education and education related subjects / topics may apply.

Staff/tertiary students of government institutions are required to obtain a letter of introduction from the Librarian of their institution. The letter should include the staff/student's name, staff/matriculation card no. and reason for the visit. Other applicants are also required to submit an official letter from their organization. Please upload this file at the end of the form below.


  • TRP is not transferable
  • TRP holder may browse the print collection only
  • TRP holder does not have access to e-resources.
  • TRP holder must observe the Copyright regulations when making photocopies from books / periodicals.

I would like to apply for a Temporary Reader's Permit for

a) One day at $15 + GST on
days at $15 per day + GST from
c) One week at $45 + GST from
d) One month at $90 + GST from
e) One year at $180 + GST from

My particulars are as follows

I declare that the above information is correct and that I will abide by all the Library rules including those governing the photocopying of library materials.

I am aware that a temporary reader does not have any borrowing privileges and that I may not be granted access to some categories of library materials including but not limited to e-resources.

I am aware that Head/LIBRIS reserves the right to grant or not to grant the Temporary Reader's Permit.


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Last updated: October 24, 2017  

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