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Photocopying & Printing Services (in Reserves)

Integrated photocopying and printing services are available at the extreme end of the Right Wing of the Library on Level 2 & Level 4, and in the Reserves Section.

Self-service photocopying costs $0.025 per page (no GST). 

Users are obliged to observe the Copyright Act when making photocopies. The general guidelines for making a copy for the purpose of research or private study are as follows:

  • Published work that is not less than 10 pages and is not an artistic work
    1. ONE copy of not more than 10% of the total number of pages of the work
    2. ONE copy of one chapter of the work
  • Periodical publication
    1. ONE copy of an article from a periodical
    2. ONE copy of 2 or more articles on the same subject from that periodical


NIE4-02-07 (Level 2, Right Wing)
NIE4-02-10 (Reserves Section, Level 2, Left Wing)
NIE4-04-01 (Level 4, Right Wing)

Contact Information:

Tel: (65) 9839-0594

Last updated: January 16, 2018  

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