Updated 3 August, 2016


  • Reservations can be placed for a book item which is out on loan (due date is displayed).
  • Reservations should not be placed on an item which is available.
  • No reservations are allowed for reference books, reserve (red-spot) items, journals and on order/in process titles.
  • Members who have given their email addresses to the library will be notified by email. Others will be notified by mail, once the book is available.
  • The reserved item will be held at the Loan Counter for 7 days from the date of notification. If it is not collected by the stipulated date, the reservation will lapse.
  • All reserved items must be collected personally.
  • Each member may reserve a maximum of 2 titles. 


Procedure for Reservations

Subject to the rules specified above, library materials may be reserved via:
a.     Connect to WebOPAC
b.     Search for the title you wish to borrow.
c.     Click on Details of the desired title to view the full record.
d.     Click on Place Hold to reserve the book if the title has the status No copies currently available.
e.     Enter your library/matriculation/staff card number and PIN to verify your request.
f.      Click on Place Hold to reserve the book.
g.     If your reservation is successful, a confirmation screen will be displayed. When the book is returned, the library will notify you, on a first-come-first-serve basis, through email.


Checking / Cancelling Reservations

  • Members can check and cancel reservations via WebOPAC terminals at the library or remotely.


Important Notes

  • Borrower ID: Your library/matriculation/staff card number is your borrower ID. (Note: You can also use your NIE Login Account username.)
  • PIN: The PIN assigned to all members is the last 4 alphanumeric characters of NRIC, FIN or passport number. Please note that members may change their PIN via the WebOPAC. (Note: You can also use your NIE Login Account password.)
Please contact the Loan Counter staff at (65) 6790-3627 or email if you encounter any problem in placing reservations.