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  • You can only renew a library item twice or six times depend on your membership privileges.
  • Renewals are not allowed when there are outstanding reservations.
  • Telephone renewals will not be accepted.
  • Please check that all materials are properly renewed as users are still liable for fines of any overdue items.
Subject to the rules specified above, library materials may be renewed via the following:
  • WebOPAC on the World Wide Web
  • Self-Check Machine 

Procedure for Renewal

NOTE: Renewal through WebOPAC service is an additional benefit for members. Inability to access WebOPAC to renew your loans is NOT a valid reason for waiver of overdue fines.
1.   Web OPAC on the World Wide Web
      a.      Connect to
      b.      Click on the WebOPAC link.
      c.      Click on My Account.
      d.      Click on Renew My Materials.
      e.      Type in your ID and PIN, click List Charged Items.
      f.       Click on the appropriate box(es) to the left of the item/items you want to renew.
      g.      Click on Renew Selected Items.
2.   Self-Check machine
      a.    Bring the items you wish to renew to the Self-Check machine. 
      b.    Follow the steps on the screen to renew the items.

Borrower ID & PIN

Members are required to key in their borrower ID number and/or PIN when accessing some of the services available on the WebOPAC. These services include viewing of borrower information/requests/outstanding charges, cancellation of requests and loan renewals, change of your library PIN/address.
The borrower ID for various categories of members:
  • Higher degree, Postgraduate, undergraduate & full-time in-service students
    The borrower ID is your matric card or registration card number.
  • Staff
    The borrower ID is your NRIC or FIN number.
  • Part-time teaching staff & outside members
    The borrower ID is the barcode number on your library card.
The PIN assigned to all members is the last four alphanumeric characters of their IC, FIN or passport numbers. Please note that members may change their PIN via the WebOPAC.
Please contact the Access Services staff at (65) 6790-3627 if you encounter any problem renewing your library items.


Last updated: March 8, 2018  

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