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Quick Facts

Library History
1950 Teachers’ Training College Library set up
1955 Moved to Paterson Road Campus
1973 Name changed to Institute of Education Library
1981 Moved to Bukit Timah Campus
1991 Name changed to National Institute of Education Library
2000 Moved to Yunnan Garden Campus
2001 Name changed to NIE Library and Information Services Centre (LIBRIS)
Library Building
Floor area 4,770 m2
Seats 747
Library Collections
Overall Collection 655,890
Books 375,557
Electronic books (titles) 151,830
Current print titles



Electronic titles 47,038
Databases 106
Audio-visual Materials 47,219
Digital Videos 5,290
Repository (digital files) 10,782
Special Collections
C J Koh Collection

Books on teachers, teaching methods, teacher education / training.

Instructional Materials

Textbooks, workbooks, teachers’ guides and classroom resources.

Singapore Education Resources

Books and theses on education in Singapore : history, system, policies and examination syllabuses.

Statistics correct as at Dec 31, 2016


Last updated: January 31, 2017  

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