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8.30 am - 5.15 pm

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Sun & Public/Uni Holidays


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Staff Lounge LearningHub Lounge

The LearningHub provides a conducive environment to promote information sharing and a collaborative learning culture in NIE. It is designed on pedagogical principles to enhance group interaction and learning in a multimedia-rich environment.

LearningHub Lounge
Furnished with comfortable sofas and coffee tables, the Lounge can easily accommodate small groups of 6-7 people, each group engaging in collaborative discussions or informal meetings.  There is a long white board for use in discussions and presentations.

Staff Lounge
The Staff Lounge is a quiet corner set aside for staff discussion or brainstorming over a cup of coffee. This is a distraction-free, quiet oasis for reading & reflection. Its proximity to the café makes this an ideal place for staff to relax or hold meetings. As a counterpoint to its modern décor, the staff lounge contains a working gramophone and the Library’s long-playing record collection!

Staff who wish to conduct small group discussions with their students in the Library are welcome to use the Pods or Discussion Room.  For more information on the use of the Staff Lounge, please refer to the main Staff Lounge webpage

The SMART (Sharing, Multidisciplinary, Autonomous, Reflective and Technology-enabled) Room is a soundproof environment with modular furniture which may be rearranged to facilitate group work. State-of-the-art AV and projection systems plus large glass writing surfaces are part of the setup. The SMART Room can accommodate up to 25 people and is an ideal location for briefings, meetings, presentations, etc.

The Bookmark Café serves beverages and snacks at affordable prices. A variety of furniture is laid out in different zones to suit the different needs of our users. Users can relax over a cup of freshly-brewed coffee or tea while holding their discussion.

The café's opening hours are:

Term Time 
Mon - Fri (excluding public holidays) 9.00 am - 7.00 pm
Sat Closed
Vacation Time 
Mon - Fri (excluding public holidays) 9.00 am - 4.00pm
Sat Closed

The cafe will be closed on Saturdays/Sundays, public holidays and university holidays


Level 3, Left Wing

Last updated: March 1, 2017  

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