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Call Number Guide for Instructional Materials

The Instructional Materials Collection is located on Level 3, Right Wing. The Collection is distinguished by a yellow spot on the spine below the call number.

Accounting HF5635.71 – HF5635.744
Art (Primary) N350.51 – N350.574 
Art (Secondary) N350.71 – N350.754 
Biology QH308.23 – QH308.254 
Chemistry  QD31.23 – QD31.254 
Chinese Language (Primary)  PL1109.51 – PL1109.574 
Chinese Language (Secondary)  PL1109.71 – PL1109.754 
Civics & Moral Education (Primary)  LC314.851 – LC314.8564 
Civics & Moral Education (Secondary)  LC314.871 – LC314.8754 
Computer Science  QA76.271 – QA76.285 
English Language (Primary)  PE1112.51 – PE1112.574 
English Language (Secondary)  PE1112.71 – PE1112.754 
Geography (Primary)  G128.51 – G128.56 
Geography (Secondary)  G128.71 – G128.754 
Health Education (Primary)  LB1587.51 – LB1587.574 
Health Education (Secondary)  LB1587.71 – LB1587.754 
History (Asia)  DS32.871 – DS32.8754 
History (Modern)  D421.71 – D421.754 
History (Singapore)  DS610.371 – DS610.3754          
History (World)  D21.71 – D21.754 
Home Economics   TX167.1 – TX167.54 
Literature  PN59.71 – PN59.754 
Malay Language (Primary)  PL5105.51 – PL5105.574 
Malay Language (Secondary)  PL5105.71 – PL5105.754 
Mathematics (Primary)  QA107.1 – QA107.74 
Mathematics (Secondary)  QA39.21 – QA39.254 
Music  MT6.51 – MT10.75 
National Education  LA1239.9 
Office Management   HF5547.71 – HF5547.754 
Physics  QC21.23 – QC21.254 
Science (Primary)  Q161.21 – Q161.274 
Science (Secondary)  Q160.21 – Q160.254 
Social Sciences (Primary)  H86.51 – H86.574 
Social Sciences (Secondary)  H87.71 – H87.754 
Tamil Language (Primary)  PL4751.51 – PL4751.574 
Tamil Language (Secondary)  PL4751.71 – PL4751.754 
Technical Studies T65.1 – T65.54


Last updated: September 11, 2014  

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