Issue No. 20 March 2017
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What’s New in the Library

21 Mar 2017

We would like to introduce to you two new features of our library WebOPAC – the Book Recommendations Feature and the Interactive Floor Plan. The Book Recommendations Feature helps you to locate relevant or similar titles when you are browsing, and the Interactive Floor Plan will enable you to find your way round easily.

We hope you will find the features useful!


Discover more relevant titles with the Library Catalogue’s new Book Recommendations Feature

Presenting four new ways to get related book recommendations in the library catalogue (WebOPAC), with eye-catching thumbnail book cover images to boot! The new features in the enhanced catalogues are:

“Similar Titles” – displays a few related titles without leaving the page

“Other Editions” – helps you find other editions of the same book

“Tags” – shows you the broad subject categories the book belongs to and offers more suggestions if you click the tags

“Shelf Browse” – allows you to browse the shelves virtually and find books with similar call numbers

Explore the library’s collection now with greater ease and convenience!

Please contact us at if you have any enquiries or feedback.


Interactive Floor Plan


Lost? Check out our interactive floor plan!

Looking for the Discussion Room or the Phtocopying Services Office? Not sure where the Instructional Materials collection is shelved? Fret not, at any of the WebOPAC terminals on Level 2, just tap on the Floor Plan tab:

You will then be able to find your way round using the menu on the left-hand side:

Happy exploring!

~ jacky, yvonne



Last updated: September 14, 2017  

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