Issue No. 20 March 2017
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A Collective Effort Towards Student and Staff Outreach: “Run for It” and Open Access Week

21 Mar 2017

We report on some library collaborations that took place in the second half of 2016.

Run For It @ NIE Library

For the second year running, the Library collaborated with the NIE Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP) 2016 Committee on the annual Freshman Orientation event. Held on 23 June and 3 August 2016 for seniors and freshmen respectively, this year’s “Run For It” activity was held in various locations within the NIE and NTU campus, including the NIE Library.

Hard at play: Library staff explaining the game stations’ activities to new NIE students

Library staff took on the role of station masters, facilitating student participants’ completion of a series of tasks as well as sharing essential information on the library. The tasks included utilising the library catalogue for the search and retrieval of a book, locating the whereabouts of a learning pod, returning a book using the external book drop machine, and finally, answering a simple quiz. These activities were aimed at bolstering new students’ knowledge of the services that the Library offers. Armed with a better understanding of the Library’s facilities and services, participants happily “ran off” with awarded points which contributed to their group’s overall success in the “Run For It” activity.  


International Open Access Week

In support of the 9th International Open Access Week, NIE Library designed a series of colourful infographics that detail how academic staff can ensure that their work is Open Access, and also collaborated with NTU Libraries on raising awareness about sharing scholarship.

For the collaboration, a discussion forum on the benefits and challenges of Open Access was held on 27 October 2016 at the NTU Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre. The audience posed questions and also had the opportunity to give responses to online polls.

A lively discussion as staff and students from NTU and NIE pose questions about Open Access

(Source: Composite image by NTU Libraries, reused with permission).

At the end of the hour-and-half discussion, we are sure participants came away with a better understanding of the rationale and challenges of data sharing!

~ stephanie

Last updated: September 14, 2017  

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