Issue No. 19 October 2016
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Library Collaborations

03 Oct 2016

There was a buzz of excitement and activity during the normally quieter vacation months of June-July as the Library was the venue for the International Conference of Learning Sciences (ICLS) Poster Sessions and was also chosen as the site to showcase selected artworks by local and regional artists. Do read on!

1. International Conference of Learning Sciences (ICLS) Poster Sessions

LIBRIS collaborated with the Learning Sciences & Technology (LST) Academic Group to support the International Conference of Learning Sciences (ICLS) Poster Sessions from 22 – 23 June 2016. LIBRIS staff were involved in and assisted with the operational logistics.

The library Café area was selected as the venue for the 2-day event organised by LST. It was a hive of activity as preparation work was carried out by staff, including making arrangements for the original tables and chairs at the Café area to be temporarily stowed away to make space for the poster stands.

It was all worthwhile as the Poster Sessions were very well-received by the conference participants viewing the latest advancements in learning sciences and pedagogy and hearing the researchers elaborating on their projects. On both days the poster sessions proved to be a strong crowd-puller as could be seen from the photos below.

Some of the comments received after the event are as follows:

“On behalf of the organising committee of the ICLS 2016, we would like to thank you for the use of library space for the Poster sessions. The participants had a good time interacting with one another and it was a great learning experience. We chose the library as one of the conference venues because we wanted to showcase our excellent library facilities to our international participants, many of whom are world-renowned professors from famous universities.” -- A/P Tan Seng Chee, Associate Dean, (GPL, LST)

“I want to thank you all for your support in the last 2 days for the poster sessions. Without your help the sessions cannot be so smooth and successful. I really appreciate it.” -- A/P Wang Qiyun, (LST)

2. Display of artworks (collaboration with VPA & Director’s Office)

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

― Pablo Picasso

Indeed! By looking and marvelling at artworks one can find solace and perhaps even experience rejuvenation amidst our fast-paced environment. Steadfast to this belief, we have worked together with Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Academic Group and Director’s Office to showcase specially selected artworks by local and regional artists. These artworks include paintings and woodcut prints that were acquired by the NIE and its predecessors, the Teachers' Training College (TTC) and the Institute of Education (IE), over the past 60 years. Preparation work started from the beginning of June 2016 with repainting and wall rectification works on wall surfaces where the artworks will be hung. By the third week of July 2016, the artworks were fully installed. With this we hope to enhance the concept of Library as Space by incorporating the element of art into a library atmosphere that is usually leans towards scholastic research and studies.

Feel free to take a look at the artworks for an immersive experience! Some of the artworks can be seen below.


More information on the artwork collection can be found at our webpage link

In conclusion, inter-departmental collaborations are important for the seamless and efficient functioning of NIE or any other organisation. Through collaborations, departments can tap upon each other’s unique strengths for the betterment of the organisation.

~ warren

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