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Periodicals @ NIE LIBRARY

The Library subscribes to about 1,200 periodicals. All periodicals are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme and arranged by call number. For retrieval, please check the call number from the WebOPAC ( Periodicals are available in print and/or non-print format.

How to Search for periodicals

Browse Journal Title
Enter "Cognitive psychology" in the query box and select "journal title" from the drop down menu.

Keyword Search
Enter your keyword(s) in the query box and select “journal title” from the drop-down menu to retrieve a list of periodicals on your selected areas.

Periodicals in PRINT and Electronic FORMATs

  • 1Current Issues
    All current issues are displayed at the Current Periodicals Section on Level 3 (Right Wing). Latest issues are displayed on the metal flap.
  • 2Unbound Back Issues
    Unbound back issues are either kept behind the metal flaps displaying the current issues, in the Serials Office or with the Binders. The issues which are labelled IN SERIALS OFFICE can be requested for browsing through the Serials Office which is located next to the Current Periodicals Section. Issues with the binders are not available for browsing.
  • 3Bound Back Issues
    Bound back issues are shelved at the Bound Periodicals Section on Level 3 (Right Wing).
  • 4Periodicals in Electronic Format
    Periodicals in electronic format are accessible via WebOPAC.

Sample record of a periodical with current issue, unbound and bound back issues and electronic access:

Sample record of a periodical with issues sent for binding:

Periodicals in microform format

Periodicals in microform format are kept near the Chinese, Malay & Tamil Language Collection on Level 2 (Right Wing) and can be viewed/printed using the microform reader-printer in the Photocopying Room at Level 3 (Right Wing).

Sample record of a journal in microfiche format:

Sample record of a periodical in microfilm format:

Last updated: October 19, 2016  

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