Issue No. 20 March 2017
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21 Mar 2017


Welcome to our first issue for 2017! We hope you have got off to a flying start in your work/studies/research and teaching.

In this issue, we kick off with some new features of our WebOPAC. We are sure you’ll be interested in the Book Recommendations Feature that will help in locating similar titles of interest to you based on your searches, and with our interactive floor plan, you’ll be able to find your way round the Library in no time at all!

Under staff development, NIE Library hosted the “A Day in the Life Of …” Programme, which gives librarians the opportunity to visit each other’s libraries and learn about the different operational systems in other academic libraries. Two staff also attended the COSA 2016 Conference on Library Technologies and Systems held in Melbourne, Australia.

We further highlight the Library’s contributions towards student and staff outreach in the “Run for It” activity and “International Open Access Week” item.

Finally, we have a round-up of various events held or co-organised by the Library, from book displays and a book fair to the Work Shadowing Programme.

Best wishes for the rest of the year ahead!

~ yvonne (editor)


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Last updated: March 21, 2017  

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